2023 Unidata Users Workshop

Starts:  Jun 5, 2023 09:00 (MT)
Ends:  Jun 8, 2023 17:00 (MT)
Associated with  Opportunities

Storytelling with Earth System Science Data:
Challenges and Opportunities for Effective, Ethical, and Reproducible Science

Workshop Themes
The workshop organizing committee is still at work inviting presenters and crafting specific hands-on activities for the four-day workshop. They have outlined the following day-by-day workshop themes, along with some expected outcomes from each day's activities.

Day 1 Theme: Grand challenges and storytelling - Weaving in Data 101

Potential Topics: Tools for exploratory data analysis, approaching data access and accessibility challenges.

Outcomes: Learning how to navigate, open, process, and articulate data without coding.

Day 2 Theme: Disciplinary Data (Atmosphere, Ocean, Climate, Hydrologic)

Potential Topics: Scientific storytelling, working with multi-domain or cross-disciplinary data.

Outcomes: Being able to find, read, calculate, and visualize disciplinary and related datasets to tell a compelling story.

Day 3 Theme: Data for Machine Learning (When, why, how, and implications)

Potential Topics: AI/ML foundations (why and when?), data ethics, working with private-sector data.

Outcomes: Being able to describe AI/ML and its applications; being able to identify tasks appropriate to AI/ML techniques.

Day 4 Theme: Open, Reproducible Science

Potential Topics: open data best practices, contributing to open data and open science, data quality.

Outcomes: Learning about tools and techniques that enable individuals to participate in open science, facilitating research and education in the geosciences.


Boulder, CO 80301